Xanthus Dorne

Psychologist head of the Ministry of Education


Age: 47

Lifepaths: Born Slave, Apprentice, Psychologist x2, Speaker, Propagandist 

Will 6

Perception: 6

Agility: 2

Speed: 2

Power: 2

Forte: 2

Steel: 7

Resources: 2

Circles: 3

Hesitation: 3

Mortal Wound: 8


Affiliation: Leader of Ministry of Education 2D

Reputation: Infamous (Codebreaker and Bright Mark)

Reputation: The Inquisitor


  - Olandra Uthesia: 2nd in command at Ministry of Education

  - Female Cult FoN 

Tratis: Brightmark, Clever Bastard, Codebreaker, Eerily Confident, Fearless, Psychologist Code


1: TBD

2: The Cult of Transition is more than it appears. I must break their leader.

3: I must never break the code again.



1: Never back away from a confrontation

2: Always put inferiors in their place

3: Always be looking for suspicious activity



Administration: 5

Conspicuous: 3

Foundation-wise: 3

Interogation: 5

Intimidation: 5

Media-wise: 5

Meditation: 3

Persuasion: 5

Propoganda: 5

Psychohistory: 3

Psychology: 5

Remote Location-wise: 5

Signals Tech-wise: 3

Slavery-wise: 3

Ugly Truth: 5



Neural Amplifier:  +2D Will for psychological use

Falcon's Eye Automated Security System (5D Security)

-automated camera system canvassing all habitable areas. 



Xanthus Dorne

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